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In the creative world, the tiniest of ideas can spark a masterpiece. But ideas and the people behind them need nurturing. This message rang out loud and clear as we explored the ways in which, one of Nigeria’s leading academic institution, Grace Schools has been working shape its students and spark up their unique skill in the bid to turn Nigeria’s creative industries into engines of economic growth.

Policymakers everywhere are embracing a sophisticated range of investments and forming partnerships with businesses and investors as well as schools and universities. Therefore, any academic institution that want to compete in this arena cannot afford to stand still.

For an academic structure, one cannot underestimate the benefits of successful promotion of t…
No institutions of learning can ignore the moral consequences of their missions towards developments of young minds. Education is not complete without developing individuals physically, mentally, morally, intellectually and influence the discipline of mind through graded activities.
The role that ethics historically played in the ideals governing the objectives of higher education has been shifted to the emphasis on a vocational approach to education.
Today’s most students are thought to focus more on their own success and are less inclined to see beyond their own lives.
Grace Schools, one of Nigeria’s leading academic institutions has initiated an inspiring tradition emphasizing the welfare of all humanity, has much to recommend as an important school of thought within learning and education. Grace Schools has saddled its education foundation on the ideals of ethics, moral value and personal development; these are beatitudes that are enmeshed in the concept of an ancient Chinese Philosopher, Confucius.

The main concern of the Confucian tradition is education. The primary purpose of Confucian education is character-building. Education as a character building is to learn to be human. While Confucians emphasize personal cultivation of character, they give priority not to the individual but to the family, community, and the world.

The Confucian approach to learning and education, which emphasizes humanity and service to others,

is of significant value to the modern world.

This is what inspires the long-serving Director of this great academic institution, Mrs. Iyiola Olatokunbo Edun, to embark on the journey to understand the education concept of ancient China, the curriculum and other mind building activities enmeshed in their academics.

Coincidentally, Lagos state government had said that the Chinese language has become necessary because China had become the new destination for economic growth and technological development.

Lagos State believes the knowledge of the Chinese language will help students to further their studies in China and carry out research in various fields of human endeavor as China has become a success story in the world economy.

As is stands today, Grace Schools is the only recognized institution in Nigeria that offer Chinese Language and examinations. The school offers YSK1, and YSK2 examination, which is highly required for any form of academic pursuance in China.

China is on course to be perhaps, the biggest and most influential economy in the world. Hence, the need for Nigeria to proactively prepare a generation that will be up to speed at conversing with a Nation most likely to be the world's biggest giant, in every sense of the word.

This is why Grace schools consider most ‘second world' language (French, Spanish et al) to give its students a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging world.

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