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Prescient observers who are watching how Grace Alumni came alive on social media and news platforms would rightly agree that hard work in the right direction delivers enduring fruits. Hard work doesn’t kill; it yields a life that history acknowledges ultimately. That is the enviable story of Adesope Edun, the digital and Media experts/director who spearheads the publicity of affairs of Grace Schools Alumni as he marks his birthday today.

To Adesope, the ideal celebration would not be to organize an elaborate feast, to bring friends and well-wishers together for a mother of all feasts. Doing so is not in his character. If there would be a get-together at all, it would be with the deprived, the vulnerable, children of the poor or the special class of the handicapped as he has done for many years.

Therefore, It’s only appropriate to seize the occasion of his middle age birthday to examine his relentless work schedule that has benefited the school and his other engagements and made it possible to refer to it as the investors’ destination, tourism hub and construction site.
Grace School, is one of Lagos biggest academic institutions. Academic analysts also say without disputation that Sope’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding efficiency surpassed the figures for a couple of some PR experts put together. In recent times, Grace Schools has begun to wear a new look and recognition across the social space and academic corridors.

 Most of these have taken place only under the watch of Adesope, even if one must admit that the process is a continuum. But every age would have to carve out its own distinct identity. History has a keen interest in taking note of this identity aspect in the unfolding of events. No corporate expert can appropriate the honour due its successor or predecessor, the continuum theory notwithstanding! You have to carve out your own niche, as it were.

Adesope has pitched his tent with this history-making camp. It comes with a price: courage. According to Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States of America, “One man with courage makes a majority.’’ This US leader is credited with numerous courageous policies that toppled the established norms of his time. He was not afraid to make a decision as long as it was in the interest of the people.

For instance, Adesope displayed rare courage and compassion by initiating the need to award the icons in the social, academic, entrepreneurship and political space, who had passed through the academic nuture of Grace Schools.
 The point has long been established that Adesope is a man who does not sleep, in a literal sense, until he has touched lives. He packs a thousand and one activities into the 24-hour schedule he has at his disposal in a day.
The bottom line and the aggregation of opinion of those that know him was that of a young achiever who is restless, committed, determined and passionate to change the face of the school for good.

Adesope has received notable local and international recognition for outstanding delivery and the service to the people. For a man who has demonstrated several times that experience can indeed be an asset in governance, Adesope is always calm and dutiful when there is a major challenge in an organization that is increasing and expanding by the day.

Happy birthday, Sir!

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