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Just when we thought we have heard all about the custody case of Aisha Abimbola's children, fresh facts are now emerging from reliable source, one of victor's close who feels very concerned for the welfare of the kids but wants to be anonymous said Victor, the deceased ex-husband, has vowed to bring down heaven if his children are not returned to him. It's no more news that late Aisha Abimbola's ex-husband, Victor lost out in the custody case of the two children that the late actress left behind; Lase and Morenikeji.

The news right now is that the aggrieved ex-husband has been threatening brimstone and fire against veteran actress and close friend of late Aisha, Lola Alao, whom the custody of the two kids have been bequeathed to. He has also been sending threat messages to Aisha's younger brother Ibrahim Musa, who is based in Uganda.

it was also gathered that Victor has not given up on the case despite the ruling of the court. according to a source, he might have lost out in the case in Canada but has vowed that he will take laws into his hands anytime he sees either Lola Alao or Ibrahim Musa in Nigeria. It is either they hand over his children or he will end their lives.

he confided in a source that the reason he has not reacted is just that he has not set his eyes on either of them and does not have the documents to travel to Canada yet.

Lots of people are of the opinion that the issue of the children should be settled before either Lola or Ibrahin comes to Nigeria since Victor is out for blood.

Late Aisha Abimbola died in 2018 after battling with cancer in Canada, and the custody of her two kids was given to Lola Alao, her blossom friend. This has since raised a lot of controversy between Abimbola's ex-husband and her family. Abimbola had separated from Victor long before her cancer became chronic, and she had been single-handily taking care of her kids before her death.Do you really think they should hand over the kids to their father who never cared when their mum was alive

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