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Coronavirus has forced governments and businesses worldwide to take drastic measures to halt its spread – from putting one-third of the world’s population under some kind of lockdown or quarantine to postponing major events.

Musicians, bloggers and local health authorities are taking to social media and online music services with informative jingles and clips to spread the message of how to fight coronavirus.

In a society enclaved in passive bias and unconscious discrimination against PWDs, Grace Alache Jerry has been a remarkable contributor in the course of an all-inclusive system and she's quite well-known due to their successes regardless of her limitations.

She has made herself a strong icon who has overcome her disability, and she has proven herself that she equally, if not more talented as the regulars.

Grace is the first PWD to shoot a campaign music video, specifically instructive for PWDs on what to do to avoid getting infected against the deadly coronavirus. Her message, as expected was precise, instructive and educative, especially for Persons With Disability.

Listening to the campaign video, one of Grace's supporter based in Washington. Jamila Hamza says the song is very apt and concise. Jamila Hamza is the Co-founder of Concerns for Disability Initiative, a non-profit organization doing exploits around the world for PWDs. She is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience; a fierce human rights defender, passionate disability rights advocate and an expert in mass atrocity crimes prevention in Africa.

The song has gained endorsement and recognition from international bodies across the world: Disability rights fund (DRF), International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Nigerian Stability and Reconciliation Program (NSRP) and many more.

The convener of Empathy Driven Women International Initiative (EDWIIN), Uri Ngozichukwuka, while commending Grace for the video state that she has been doing great exploits because she did not allow her paralysis to overcome her talent and move on in her life.

The gorgeous,multi-talented and magical personality holder Grace Alache Jerry is wheel-chair bound, but that doesn't becloud Elegance and confidence. She is equally a motivational speaker, writer, artist as well as social ambassador who has represented PWDs on big platforms such as Young African Leadership initiative of President Barak Obamas Mandela Washington fellowship at the United States of America (YALI),
Grace can't stand on her feet, but she flies in the sky with her amazing talent and wonderful willpower.

Her attention and pleasant presence are really appreciated by the audience. She has a noticeable beautiful face with a charming smile. She proved that no barrier can stop a woman to achieve her goal if she really wants it.

Elegant and confident Grace Alache Jerry won the first-ever Ms. Wheelchair Nigeria Queen (2011/2012), but her energetic attitude brings her back to the social struggle for the physically challenged. She is also a very good motivational speaker. Never thought a woman in a wheelchair can give such a glamorous and inspirational look on-ramp.

Beauty, in the end, goes beyond the regular smooth, orderly, and symmetrical perception.


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