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Prince Olaniyi Karonwi, a serial digital entrepreneur, can best be described as young Africa’s technology guru. He has remained at the forefront of the democratization of e-commerce in Nigeria and beyond for the past 10 years.

Indeed, his story is one of many firsts and a series of landmark achievements in his chosen field of Information and Communications Technology.

His major digital brand Jonliz Market on Sunday, July 5, 2020, was named City People Best Indigenous Company in E-Commerce, whilst JMSlide was City People Best Movie Streaming Site of the Year. These two major awards, according to the publisher is well-deserving for his sustained pioneering efforts in the area of Information Technology and also as a pride to modern Nigeria.

As an entrepreneur, he is known to have spearheaded the creation of the following companies: Grossbuy LLC USA and Nigeria, Jonliz Records, Jonliz Films, and many more.

He is more popularly known for Jonliz Online Market and his recent announcement of JMSlide, a whole new online movie streaming website in Nigeria.
Prince Karonwi is also a philanthropist who finds a way to give back to society when he can.

Prince also heavily invests in young talents in various industries, picking young people and grooming them from scratch to become award-winning personalities with a figure of an international brand.

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