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Aizu is a young and talented artiste that made his debuts in the Nigerian music industry in 2019, making the year an impressive one. For Aizu, it was a take-off year, and was able to consolidate his gains. Aizu has proved to music lovers that he is a bag of talents with a melodious voice easy to listen to. He recently spoke to one Nigeria’s biggest show promoters, Issa Abubakar on how the pandemic has affected the music industry and how to wriggle out

How Did Music Start For You?

Music has always been life to me.  it's the way i see the world, its the way i connect and interpret everything that's going on around me.  Am an introvert and don't do a lot of talking so when I really want to say something i just sing, my feelings are the flows, I  am sensitive and feel alot,  music is how i bring out what's in the me world to the outside world. I respect everyone in the entertainment industry and outside the entertainment industry, we are all playing our part to make the world a better place.  Mine is through singing, am always conscious of my songs cause I know how powerful music is.   Music is my voice, my influence and my everything

How Did You Coin The Name Aizu?

My stage name Aizu itself came from my surname Aisunuvbo. The name is more than a name to me, it represents something bigger and I plan to take it farther.

How have you coped amidst the pandemic as it affects the industry?

Albert Einstein once said and I quote In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. The pandemic has been hard on everyone especially artists cause of the cancellation of shows, tours, concerts and apart from the inability to bring in revenue from them,  we have to cancel already made plans,  plans that time and money have been invested in, trust me when i say i understand and it is not so good but now is also giving us the opportunity to look inward and be better than we were. We have time to connect to our inner being now,  to create, to learn, to focus,  to think. Coronavirus won't last forever but whatever good we bring out of it will. Let's use this time wisely, we might not get a second chance and honestly, no one is praying for this kind of second chance lol😂😂

What is your advice for those coming into the music business?

There are many ways a contract can go wrong and many ways a contract can be right for you,  my advice is to know yourself and know what you want before going into an agreement with a party. No man is an island, seek help from a professional, you might be a music genius but that doesn't make you a lawyer or an engineer.  I believe contacting a professional in a field to do their part in your field is a sign of respect. A lawyer can go a long way in deciding how your future will turn out so don't overlook their importance when it's time

What inspires you as an artiste?
A wise man knows there is something to be learned from everyone and no one is perfect. I’m inspired by everyone facing their struggles and keeping their head up through it all, you don't have to be a celebrity to inspire me, Just do your thing. I respect everyone

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