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The ancient Iruland has continued to wobble through her multi-faceted challenges, and one of the issues involved the alleged hijacked throne of the ancestral Oniru, by an individual from the Abisogun ruling house.
The current strife in the ancient town is majorly about the imbalances in terms of the sense of belonging nursed by the ruling houses in the delicately structured declaration that has been conserved by the founding fathers of Iruland, a situation that’s necessitated the allegation for marginalization and the call for a review.

The Ogunyemi ruling house has been short-changed over the years on account of the prism ascension to the throne, which was sequenced in turn as Akiogun comes first and Ogunyemi comes second. The Abisogun, going by the 1993 declaration, comes third.
Being one of the most organized towns in Lagos State, there is a laid down declaration that regulates succession sequence to the stool of Oniru; a unanimously established document that is meant to be followed by every royal blood of Iruland.

The Lagos Island Local Government Chieftaincy Committee, having the interest of all the ruling houses represented, established the declaration and was duly signed by His Royal Majesty, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II, the past Oba of Lagos and the Governor of Lagos state at the time, Sir Michael Otedola. The declaration was later registered by the Ministry of Local Government later that year.

The section 1 of the Declaration established identities and a number of the Ruling Houses in the Oniru Chieftaincy Family to include the Akiogun, Ogunyemi and Abisogun.

Secion 2 of the Declaration specifies the order of rotation in which the respective Ruling Houses are entitled to provide candidates to fill the successive vacancies in the Oniru Chieftaincy as follows: Ogunyemi, Abisogun and Akiogun.

When Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru joined his ancestors, and there was a need to select another leader, it was then that the entire ONIRU ROYAL FAMILIES agreed to have a declaration which we regulate Ascension to the throne without future crisis.
Following section 5 of the declaration, however, when the ruling house whose turn is to provide a candidate to fill the vacant stool of Oniru fails to do so, and there is more than one ruling house, the next entitled ruling house would be called upon. This is embedded in the registered declaration.

So in 1993, OGUNYEMI RULING HOUSE received a public notice from ETI OSA LOCAL GOVT asking them being the next in line ruling house to provide a candidate, they held a meeting and the minutes of the meeting was sent to the local government where it was declined by not having a candidate as at then, 

ETI OSA LOCAL GOVT, again notified ABISOGUN RULING HOUSE, being the next entitled that, OGUNYEMI RULING HOUSE had declined and according to the regulations they are next entitled.

They also held a meeting and minutes of their meeting was sent to the local government, in which they also declined based on the enormity of the office. It is pertinent to know that when the two Ruling houses declined, it was then that ETI OSA LOCAL GOVT had to notify the 3rd Ruling house which is AKIOGUN.

It is evidently proven in OGUNYEMI RULING HOUSE, press release and it was aired for the purpose of clarity on 11/02/2020 and this was sent to all the appropriate office for their perusal and response. There are also indications that Gbolahan Lawal’s underserving imposition as the Oniru of Iruland by the Governor of Lagos State was blatantly rejected by the Abisogun family.

The family had in a protest staged in June 2020, claimed that Lawal was neither a members of their family nor qualified to be the Oniru. They called on the federal government to prevail on the Lagos State government to reverse Lawal’s installation as Oba.

The head of the Omowunmi Abisogun Oniru ruling house, an 88-year- old Alhaji Surajudeen Durosinmi, claimed that Gbolahan Lawal, was imposed by the Lagos State governor, as the new Oniru for motives best known to him and his cacophony of plotters.

The entire Abisogun ruling house made clear of their unanimous rejection of Gbolahan Lawal, discrediting his Obaship as a brazen desecration of tradition, and suppression of the clear extant laws of the land in respect of the procedures for choosing a new king.

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