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It is impossible to talk about entrepreneurial programs without mentioning Queensland Academy. This is one of the best schools that infuse entrepreneurship in its curriculum in Lagos and Nigeria in general.

Having a secondary school that creates a foundational backup for students to be an entrepreneur, will not only position them for academic excellence, but also expose them to various skills right from a very early age to put them in the path of financial freedom.

This is the goal of Queensland International School, a Lagos-based reputable citadel of learning poised to help students channel the creative seeds as young minds to confident materials that can compete in a modern business world.

Queensland Academy offers varieties of skill acquisition programs that will benefit students now and even in the future. It is a school that is popularly known for its entrepreneurship infusion into its curriculum.

The classes typically include one year of core business courses and practical training in entrepreneurship. Students usually learn about innovating in existing industries, developing business opportunities, and strategic planning.

Sadly, most schools do not teach entrepreneurship. They focus more on topics that don’t help students think creatively and ambitiously. Entrepreneurship education has a lot of benefits to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.
Today we talk about so many graduates unemployed. They are unemployed because they have a certificate but they don’t have the required skills. The certificate means nothing because, what people are looking out for, is the skill that the prospects bring with their certificates.

For 27 years, Queensland has been building innovators, her alumni has been creating new jobs or building on already existing ideas to increase business space in the competitive economy.

Only a few schools compete with Queensland Academy when it comes to entrepreneurship studies. Basically, the inclusion of entrepreneurship class prepares students to start new businesses from scratch, take over family companies, or bring the small-business spirit to larger organization.

Students are exposed to various skills right from a very early age. The philosophy on which the school runs is to raise exemplary and meticulously mentored future leaders who are able to apply their knowledge to solving societal problems. Students are expected to think out of the box with an entrepreneurial mindset. This indeed has inspired early startups among the students in the school.

Queensland exposes the students to skill acquisition programs, business education such as marketing mix, writing business plans, financial literacy, and so on. The school also exposes them to internship with choice companies and organizations before they leave secondary school.

There is the CEO inspirational moments where young CEO come in to inspire the students with their stories. All these make the Entrepreneurship Department very robust.

Many students who graduate from Queensland Academy has launched successful businesses and are equally taking giant strides in their academic pursuit.

Tobi Afilaka-Iyiola is a former student of the school, who graduated in 2019 and she’s currently a medical student at the Vinnytsia National Medical University in Ukraine.

She recently started the foremost African Kitchen in Ukraine called Vinn’s Kitchen, and within a year, the kitchen has been listed on the top 50 most promising business in Ukraine.

There are other budding entrepreneurs at Queensland Academy who has also started their small scale businesses even while in school which spells for greater things to watch out for.

Our education system is responsible for preparing young people to be ready for a wide range of opportunities ahead of them. Becoming an entrepreneur requires good communication skills, commitment, creative thinking and also a strong passion for technology innovation; these are the structure upon which Queensland Academy is based.

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  1. It is good to see that students can take advantage of the benefits of entrepreneurship education even before they enter college. An entrepreneurship-focused education can help middle and high-school-age students develop crucial life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom walls. Entrepreneurship education focuses on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world. There are many benefits of entrepreneurship education like students learn to collaborate and work with a team, speak in public and prepare an effective presentation, and collecting and analyzing data. Many MNCs have stated many times that even, the students pass out from reputed institutes and the schools, lack required skills and there is a huge gap between what is taught in schools and the requirement of the skills in the candidates. Schools must come up with such a course curriculum that may help students to overcome the lack of 21st-century skills. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post it will motivate many academicians to incorporate such learning for the students.