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The movement for the materialization of the Electronic Voting System in Nigeria appears to be gaining nationwide commendation and increasing endorsement by the general public.


The administrative structure of the movement has thus been unveiled as follows:


The Administrative Structure:


(1) Founder, National Coordinator: Ibibi Tienabeso Esq.


(2) Brainstorming Team.


(3) Action Plan Implementation Team.


(4) Legal Team.


(5) Funding, Support and Sponsorship Team.


(6) Media and Publicity Department.


(7) Experts and Specialist Department.


(8) Nigerian Celebrities For E- Voting Drive Partnership Unit.


(9) Local Councils and Community Mobilization Unit.


In a statement made available to the Press, Ibibi Tienabeso declared that the drive for the implementation of the electronic voting system in Nigeria is indeed a patriotic mission. It is a vision that requires the input and commitment of all Nigerians. “I therefore ask and appeal to all Nigerians to support the movement and crusade for the actualization of the electronic voting system in Nigeria. I especially urge our legislators not to relent in their efforts to make the Electronic Voting Bill a law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Live transmission of the results electronically must of necessity be a part of the law”.


“I also wish to use this opportunity to invite all Nigerians that feel they can play any role in the realization of the electronic voting system in Nigeria, to look at the structures as unveiled and indicate where they can fit in, to help and be a part of this history making patriotic mission”.


The Numbers to call for enquires are 0705 679 0400 and 0814 003 7167.


“All Nigerians are invited to join this noble campaign for the electronic voting system in Nigeria”, Ibibi Tienabeso Esq. stated.

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