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Our dear good People of Rivers State, We the amiable members of Rivers Women Development Forum Worldwide here by wish to officially bring to your notice our collective resolution to fight for rotation of Power in Rivers State, which truly gives everyone a sense of belonging in our dear Rivers State.


It is time to produce a Governor from the Riverine part of Rivers State for the sake of fairness and equity. Every reasonable indigenous Man or Woman that is from Rivers State knows that it is time for Power to rotate in Rivers State from upland to Riverine Part of our beloved dear Rivers State.


Justice is the proper ordering of people and things. All races and religions include a definition of justice in their codes of law and conduct. Justice is, in fact, the glue that holds societies together. Justice includes the notion of upholding fairness and equity. A call for rotation of Power in Rivers State from upland to Riverine is a long over due call for Justice. We must not allow selfish Politicians to continue to do what will divide us than unite us. It is unfair and wicked to think of retaining Power in upland come 2023. Rivers Women will reject and resist any ill attempt to deny Riverine part of Rivers State the opportunity of Producing a Rivers State Governor from Riverine part of our dear Rivers State. Behind the concept of justice lies the notion of balance  that people get what is right, fair and appropriate. We all feel we deserve equal and impartial treatment. Therefore, our call for rotation of Power is a good step towards the right direction.


Interestingly, we are pleased to officially announce that after deep Political analysis and consultations, we collectively resolved to call upon Prince. Tonye Princewill to run and contest for Rivers State Governorship come 2023. He took on Odili before wike even contested for Governorship. He is intelligent and smart. He was not among the 2019 contestants that had different crisis and Political challenges. He's a known brand and a Man with the experience since he took on Sir-Peter Odili way back. Prince. Tonye Princewill is the right choice that can easily win Power for the Riverine interest. We have chosen him and will drag him out to contest come 2023.




Miss Blessing Castro.



Rivers Women Development Forum Worldwide.

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