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.....Says Our Heritage Is Next After Selling Our Economy To China.


Highly respected international custodian of African cultures, who is also the traditional title holder of Erelu Oodua of Aye Kingdom, Erelu Tinuade Mabel Onaneye has expressed dismay and sadness over the installation of a Chinese woman, called, MsDiana Chen as Iyalaje of Iru Land, by His Royal Majesty, Oba Omogbolahan Wasiu Lawal, the Oniru of Iru Land. The Oba is expected to know the significance of Aje Olokun and its spiritual connotations. His action depicts that the Yoruba people have no capable daughters of Iru or Lagos to occupy the seat of Iyalaje of Iru.

On behalf of Omo kaaro ojire daughters, she implores Kabiyesi Omogbolahan to revoke such a title from the Chinese woman.


Speaking from her base in United States, Erelu lamented how recent happenings back in Nigeria has exposed many monarchs who contributed to the rots in our system and cultures.


"We are not all unmindful of how Chinese are gradually taking over our economy and enslaving our youths for peanuts. It is now clear our heritage is next after selling our economy to China." Erelu lamented.


She demanded to know what the monarch concerned stands to gain by desecrating the sacred stool that predates him by assigning traditional titles to strangers as if we longer have accomplished sons and daughters who should be conferred with such titles.


Citing a case study of Germany and entire Europe, she noted that such pecuniary drive of awarding chieftaincy to every Dick and Harry made the traditional monarchs lose respect and eventually their kingdoms to political powers which later converted their castles i.e palaces to museums and tourist centre.


In conclusion, Erelu enjoined all traditional rulers to refrain from bringing shame and dishonour to the house of Oduduwa all in the name of money and bastardized our traditional institution.

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