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The cholera outbreak in the IDP camps in Nigeria reaffirms its public health threat to the country. Evidence on the current epidemiology of cholera required for the design and implementation of appropriate interventions towards attaining the global roadmap strategic goals for cholera elimination however seems lacking.


Scores of cases of cholera have been reported in Kuchingoro IDP camp with 9 deaths within one week, newsmen report.


Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease caused by Virbrio cholerae bacteria. It is passed on from faeces through contaminated food, drinks and unhygienic environments, and causes severe dehydration. Infected people can die if their illness is not quickly managed with rehydration


Further investigations by a team of journalists reveal the deplorable state of Kuchingoro IDP that camps no fewer than 1700 persons. The camp has no adequate water, as only one borehole serves the entire population.



Recall that EDWIIN in it's program in July drew the attention of the World Health Organization, WHO, and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC to the rate at which the people in the camper suffer from an inadequate supply of clean water and sewage system, which has been discovered to be the cause of the outbreak.


The inclusive-driven NGO partnered with a number of organizations and schools to provide an emergency intervention in July, but the effect was minimal as donations and contributions served only for a couple of weeks.


Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, August 7, 2021, Uri Ngozichukwuka, the convener lamented the situation at the camp and appeal to government agencies to, as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of the Kuchingoro IDP, and save them from the clutches of the disease, by providing adequate hygienic water supply by constructing boreholes within the camp


Further investigations reveal that the new KUCHINGORO IDP camp has only one functioning borehole that serves over 1700 persons.


The camp has no hospital but a basic drug supply window and a twice-weekly visit by a retired nurse.


Medical aid camp has also been ravaged by STDs and infection due to open defecation, where there is not adequate sewage system.


Some well-meaning Nigerians have been feeding the children daily to keep them in school. As hunger looms over the camp the school is where they readily get at least a meal a day.


“We are calling on well-meaning individuals to help raise the living conditions of these displaced persons”, Uri said in her response to newsmen.


EDWIIN has been partnering with so many groups to bring succour to the camp. Amongst such is The Education Reform group. A team of resolute distinguished professionals concerned with restoring and redefining the education landscape of the country to meet contemporary international standards.


The team lead is Mrs Yemisi Subair, a chartered accountant and an author.

It will be recalled that on May 27th Standard Bearer School's CEO Mrs Modupe Adeyinka Oni also launched the I-Africa which pushes for a rural online school. The children in the IDP CAMP will also be the key recipients of this project.


NGOs continue to bring partners into the camp in so many areas however the cholera epidemic has hit hard with so many deaths within a week. 


According to Modupe Oni, one of the volunteers and early education specialists, there is a need to urgently raise the hygiene level and awareness to prevent more deaths.

For material needs, there is an urgent need for a clean soup Kitchen, supply of toiletries, disinfectants soaps. Supply of mattresses and bed sheets and bed frames are also needed.


Interested volunteers and donors are requested to reach out through 08024367544 for updates and donations. 

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