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Little Aisha Bashiru, 3, has been in hospital since June 2021. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and currently undergoing treatment at Bloom Boom Paediatric Center in Lagos. Little Aisha’s parents need financial assistance of more than N500,000 just as deposit for her examination and preliminary treatment, according to the doctor’s advice.


A medical report signed by Dr Ehierim, on behalf of the Consultant Physician Nephrologist at Bloom Bloom hospital, reads in part: “The 3-year-old girl is yet to make urine despite the fluid challenge. An assessment of severe sepsin with acute kidney injury is discovered."


“The best treatment option for chronic kidney disease, in terms of improved quality of life and long term, is a kidney repair. The above requires substantial funding,” he said.


Narrating her ordeal to our Correspondent, Mrs. Bashiru said life has become so burdensome and painful as a result of her daughter’s sickness which had drained the family’s resources.


She said that the family could no longer bear the financial cost of the series of tests and referrals which they had undergone in the past two months.


Just on Tuesday, the girl was transferred from Lagos to Babcock specialist hospital for treatment and was later referred back to Lagos for another test.

Aisha is currently at Bloom Boom Paediatric Centre in Lagos where her mother has made  payment for series of tests, aside from the registration fee of N35,000.00

Mrs. Bashiru is soliciting financial support of N500,000.00 from the government, kind-hearted individuals and corporate organisations to keep her daughter alive.


You can reach the parents/guardian on 0803 407 5430 or donate into this bank: Suleiman Adejoke Bolanle GTB-0495174520, or Zenith 2005095692

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