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 *Quit Your Lamentations*

Just like Chief Dele Momodu put it _*"I have quit my Lamentations"*_

You have to strongly decide to quit your Lamentations too and do the needful.

We know nothing is

Working in Nigeria and particularly Ogun state.

We know sango Ota road is one of the worst, we know school buildings are collapsing in Imeko/Afon, we know teachers are not been paid their deductions and promotion is very slow, we know local governments are not getting their direct allocations, we know health sector is in worst condition, we know there is insecurity, we know there is famine, we know there is inflation.

We know you have alot to mention if we ask you but we also know that one bitter truth that Lamentations can't solve this but getting into action by getting your PVC ready and getting people registered through the PDP e-REGISTRATION platform and not only that you get your PVC and go to sleep during election but you get it, vote with it and secure your vote.

Meanwhile, since we are done with national convention, let's begin to intelligently present our candidates, let's feature your best candidates in _*The Morning Tea*_ 

Get us know about them through a direct WhatsApp message.

 *Beautiful Morning*






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