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Empathy-Driven Women Initiative International (EDWIIN), a leading Nigerian non-governmental organization, with evidence of immeasurable impacts in Nigeria’s course of equal treatment of People Living With Disability, PLWDs, had her first outing this year.


It was united nations Albinism Awareness day on the 13th of June, 2022. This year’s project was executed in partnership with Lagos state office of disabilities LASODA, Lagos Albinism Awareness society and Lagos Accueil an organisation made of French women living in Nigeria, as scores of participants storm out to execute the first umbrella procession.


EDWIIN donated 200 umbrellas and 14 SPF 50 sunscreens to persons living with Albinism.


The convener, Uri Ngozichukwuka, speaking at the event stated that the procession was to bring awareness to the plight of persons living with Albinism. Uri has been helping Nigerians with disabilities through her foundation.


“Albinism is a genetic disorder that affects the skin hair and eyes. They are called albinos and reports say there are 1 Albinos in a thousand persons.

“This gives them a sizeable chunk of the population and therefore their rights and privileges should be respected.


EDWIIN appealed to the society to be more empathetic and understanding towards children and adults living with Albinism.


“The children living with this condition are very brilliant but need to be put on the front rows in schools to see clearly or provided with medicated glasses. Adults should not be discriminated against in places of employment.


 “Albinos are targeted for taunting and in some parts of Africa killed for rituals. All these practices should be abolished.


“Empathy Driven Women International EDWIIN has over the years partnered with doctors and the Albinism Awareness society to organise health outreaches to many different disability groups especially persons living with Albinism”, she added.


Uri assured the Albinism community that the Foundation will always defend the rights of albinos and other vulnerable groups.


“You are not alone. You will never be!” Moving forward, we will work to ensure that albinos have the necessary empowerment opportunities, access to education and healthcare services that you need to live productive lives.”


Mr Dare Dairo, the chairman of Lagos state office of disability was the onset of the umbrella procession and commended EDWIIN for promoting the well-being of the albino community. He reiterates the need to educate locals on albinism’s causes, and promote the well-being of the albino community, which has already touched on the condition’s genetics, the recent attacks, and the many dehumanizing myths.

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