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In it's bid to revamp, resuscitate and take the Egbe  to it's desired Haven, the Regberegbe  1986, 87 and 88 on Friday appointed  the former Deputy Speaker of the Ogun state House of Assembly   Honourable Tola Banjo as  The Group’s Adviser.

This was announced by the Coordinator Ejalonibu Lukman Adeyinka while speaking to Newsmen, describing the Newly appointed Adviser as a wellspring of wisdom and a reservoir of knowledge embedded with humility, loyalty which are good qualities of a good pointman, image maker and  ambassador which are most wanted in many Group and  Organization.

According to The Coordinator, The Appointment became a necessity after the Regberegbe group gave a closer look and found Hon Tola  as a scholar of Great Eminence whose  presence would make a huge impact I'm the group.

Ejalonibu also  Reinstated his Unwavering  Commitment, allegiance and Dedication towards his subjects and  moving the group to it's promised Haven.

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