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As the Quest towards rebuilding and transforming the Aged Group into it's desired  citadel continues to gain more momentum, The Regberegbe 1986, 87 and 88 on Wednesday appointed Chief  Mrs Omobola Odumosu as the Adviser Obirin of the Egbe.

The Egbe  Coordinator Ejalonibu Lukman Adeyinka who made the announcement while speaking with the Newsmen, described the appointment as a great step after weighing various option and finding Chief Mrs Omobola who doubled as a successful business tycoon,   capable of ascending into the shoe of the Group’s .”Adviser Obirin”, pronouncing her as the salt of the Egbe.

The Egbe  Coordinator described the Adviser Obirin as a Special Mother In Israel who takes her subject as her main priority, noted her exceeding motherly wisdom, resilience,  dedication, commitment towards every course which he stated as an expensive commodity in moving a group forward.

Ejalonibu also refered to the Adviser Obirin as an isle of Precious stone, yet to be harvested, noting the group’s readiness to extract, tap and gain from her rivers of experience.

He also commended the group members on their hard work towards revamping the Group, urging them to believe in the word  TEAM in which, Together Everybody Can Achieve Much

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