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(1) Jobless person supporting people that are behind his or her joblessness.

2. A student who is on strike and still raising banner for those who are behind the strike

3. A father who can no longer feed the family and is still running around like a fool under the sun supporting the people that brought the poverty upon him and his family.

(4) Youths who support the killers that ordered the killing of their own fellow youths.

(5) A homeless person supporting the people who brought inflation that has made him jobless and homeless.

(6) People living without electricity and still raising banner and asking people to support the evil men that are behind electricity failure in the country.

(7) people that cannot travel to their home because of bad roads but are still campaigning and and asking other people to join them to support people that looted the money meant for the construction of road to their homes.

(8) People that couldn't sleep because of killing, kidnaping and banditry, yet still supporting the founders of terrorism in the nation.

(9) People that do not even have clean water to drink, but still planning to vote for people who looted the money meant for water into power.

(10) People buying fuel at #180 instead of #65, yet still supporting the evil men stealing our crude and refusing to build refineries that has brought us to where we are today.

(11) People supporting others because of religion, ethnicity, or tribe and forget competence, capacity and track record.

(12) People supporting others because of food on the table and stomach infrastructure 

 the future.


*VOTE WISELY IN 2023 !!!

Vote wisely 

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