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He needs little or no introduction. For close to 10 years running now, he has remained a consistent personality and respectable prophet who delivers divinely inspired prophecies and messages to the people. His name is Prophet David Babatunde Ephrata, the leader and founder of Bible Based Church, United Kingdom.

Many will recall that at the time Prophet Ephrata hit our consciousness with his ground breaking prophecies decades ago, there were few prophets who were gifted with the spiritual ability to foretell the future back then. But the few at the time were extremely powerful and respected men of God. Prophet Ephrata though much younger in age in comparison to the others, was still able to quickly entrench himself in the consciousness of Nigerians through his consistency in churning out powerful prophecies. Today, he has become a force to reckon with, not just within the county but even beyond our shores.

His credentials as a prophetic man of God are staggering. His prophecies have been nothing short of sensational and on point. Where other men of God are waiting for a situation to gather momentum and take shape before they permutate and then release prophecies, Prophet Ephrata reveals those things that will happen long before they happen. Sometimes, he will foretell things a year or even more before they take place. 

A case in point is the failure of Buhari’s administration. Few months into his first term in office, Prophet babatunde warned Nigerians not to be over excited at the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as president, that he is not the Messiah Nigerians were waiting for. Not only that, he said Nigerians should prepare for extreme hardship because the Buhari administration will bring upon us the worst economy ever witnessed in Nigeria. And that is exactly what is happening right now.

This enigmatic and internationally renowned man of God who has also made staggering prophecies relating to international politics, such as his accurate prediction of the Biden/Trump US presidential election, warned Nigerians that under president Buhari, the dollar will hit an all time high, and same with diesel. Many dismissed this prophecies, but it is all happening right before us now.

One of the things that make Prophet Babatunde Ehprata stand out from the other pastors who also claim to make authentic prophecies is the fact that he says it as it is. If he has a message from God saying you shall be humiliated as a politician, he won’t hold back his words, he will say it as it is. 

If you will lose an election, he will tell you not to waste your money, that the election is not for you. This is the same way he told several governorship aspirants to forget about winning their primaries. And for those who stood some chances of winning, he told them what to do to secure victory. Those who heeded his words are singing victory songs today.

This is why many politicians respect him while others are wary of him because he will say it without giving a hoot whose ox is gored. He always says it that he fears nobody. He has no contract with any politician. He is not on any politicians payroll. Even the president is not spared from his anger whenever the government comes up with some of its unfriendly policies. He recently released 2023 prophecy and as expected he has gotten so many people on their toes

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