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In Nigeria and the world over today, there are prophets and there are prophets, but some prophets are clearly bigger than others. If you wish to dispassionately evaluate Christendom critically, you will find that the one man of God that has been consistent as a prophet, churning out one big prophecy after another despite all the criticisms, is the spiritual founder and leader of Bible Based Centre, United Kingdom, Prophet Babatunde Ephrata.

Without meaning to blow his trumpet, Prophet Ephrata remains the only man of God who prophesied Turkey’s crisis. The earthquake in Turkey is one of the very early predictions that the prophet had said will happen in 2023. 

In his teachings barely 24 hours before the earthquake, the man of God had warned that the world will experience huge calamity from February 6, 2023, up till April 27. He was specific about the time of the explosion and casualty.

In his live service, he said people should watch out for miserable things that will be happening from February to April.

In less than 12 hours after the prophecy, no fewer than 1500 people were killed and several thousand injured in a two-way earthquake that rocked Syria and Turkey in the early hours of Monday, 06 February 2023. In opposition-held areas, members of the opposition emergency organization known as the White Helmets said the earthquake had killed at least 221 people and injured hundreds more.

That takes the combined death toll across the two borders to at least 2200, with fears it may still rise substantially.


In recent times, Prophet Ephrata appears to have even gotten better and stronger in his prophetical prowess. Recall he also predicted the Fulani/northern invasion of the south before the elections.




As for the ongoing presidential elections, he had long declared, and backed by prophetical authority, that the person who would finally win the elections will end Oodua and Biafra's agitation.


What has also amazed many others is the fact that Ephrata had categorically mention that the crisis in Turkey will lead to food shortage.


The very enigmatic and sometimes brutally honest man of God who says things exactly the way it is no matter whose ox is gored, has also said that as for the 2023 election, he will declare and reveal to Nigerians whoever that God has chosen but warned that God does not support a Muslim-Muslim ticket

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