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This heart-wrenching story revolves around Chinazam, a young Nigerian boy whose life took a devastating turn during a seemingly routine appendicitis surgery at a clinic operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 2016. What was expected to be a simple procedure quickly spiraled into a series of medical errors and neglect, leaving Chinazam with severe complications and his family in anguish.


Chinazam had initially complained of stomach pain, but the clinic dismissed his condition as insignificant. As his pain persisted, he was eventually referred to a surgeon who diagnosed him with an inflamed appendix, marking the need for an emergency surgery.


During the surgery, unforeseen complications arose, revealing water accumulation in Chinazam's brain and other organs. Hours ticked by, and Chinazam's parents, Stella and Emeka Okoli, were left anxiously waiting for news about their son's condition. Finally, they received word that Chinazam had experienced a drug reaction but had managed to survive.


Chinazam slipped into a medical coma and remained in the clinic's Intensive Care Unit for several days. Stella and Emeka pleaded with Shell to transfer their son to a specialized trauma center abroad, where he could receive the advanced care he desperately needed. However, Shell's response was filled with delays, and when they did finally arrange a transfer, it was to South Africa instead of a more suitable destination like the United States.


Throughout this ordeal, Shell's actions displayed a callous disregard for Chinazam's well-being. They failed to provide crucial support, services, and even basic visits to Chinazam during his recovery. Despite the Okoli family's persistent pleas for his transfer to a facility with advanced cognitive rehabilitation protocols, Shell callously ignored their requests.


This tragic tale brings to light the alarming negligence, medical errors, and cost-saving measures that placed Chinazam's life in jeopardy. It sheds light on Shell's violation of its own professed commitment to ensuring the health and safety of individuals. Despite the unwavering efforts of the Okoli family, Shell's actions only served to prolong Chinazam's suffering and hinder his recovery process.


Nigerians, alongside Chinazam's distraught parents, are demanding one simple request: for Shell to demonstrate the same caring and compassion they've shown in supporting internally displaced persons (IDPs) and flood victims. They implore Shell to align their actions with their core values of honesty, integrity, and respect. It is a plea for transparency, urging the release of Prof. Ronke Desalu's report, which holds the key to understanding the true events surrounding the young boy's tragic experience.


Chinazam's parents and concerned citizens hope that, in the face of this heart-wrenching situation, Shell will realize the value of a young life and cease treating Chinazam's care plan as a mere commodity. They understand that this care plan is pivotal in providing Chinazam with the dignity and support he needs until he recovers, or until fate decides otherwise. All they seek is the truth, as revealed by Prof. Ronke Desalu's report, to ashed light on what truly transpired when a young boy walked into a clinic for what should have been a minor surgery.

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