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The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has recognised the efforts of Mr Pretty Okafor, President of the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN), with an award for his efforts in pushing the New Copyright Act 2022 through the House of Assembly, the House of Senate and finally the Presidency for the bill to be signed into Act by the President of Nigeria.


During the award ceremony, Mr Pretty Okafor delivered a speech in which he thanked the NCC for their recognition and highlighted how the New Copyright Act 2022 will benefit all stakeholders involved by ensuring that the rights of performers and authors are better protected and that the compensation they receive for their work is commensurate with their efforts. He also discussed how the Act will provide a better and more efficient mechanism for collecting royalties for the use of musical works and sound recordings.


The audience applauded Mr Pretty Okafor’s efforts, which enabled the New Copyright Act 2022 to be passed and signed into law. Thanks to his relentless push, performers and authors in Nigeria are now better protected and provided with fair compensation for their work.

The Prestigious award was presented by NCC as attested by Dr John Asein, NCC DG,  former honorable commissioner  of information Lagos state Mr Steve Ayorinde handed the award to PMANs president

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